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Don't take our word for it

Pillow cases are an odd size but the fabric is so stretchy, you can make just about any size insert work.

Very easy to install. The lacing used to gather the material below the sofa , however, isnt securely sewn to the fabric and pull off rather easily.

I love how stretchy it is and it fits perfectly!

I have 5 kids and a German Shepard. We got this cover because our old couch is made of scratchy material. I washed it when I got it and I washed it again when the kids spilled pop on it. It washes well and holds it's softness and stays stretchy. I put it on and it stays one or days. No need to adjust. So soft and comfy. I highly recommend this one. So worth it.

This my third cover. I ordered two in gray for my full size couches. Now I have a pretty blue one to change out when the other goes into the wash. The colors are exactly what you see. Easy to wash and dry and put back on the couch. Protects against pet hair, spills and tiny grubby hands.